"Lifestyle As A Service" Business Model

Membership Tiers & Comprehensive Benefits

  1. Core Membership (Non-Residential)

    • Target Members: 4,000
    • Monthly Fee: $1,000
    • Revolutionary Benefits:
      • Unrestricted access to AI-enhanced, state-of-the-art fitness facilities with personalized training regimens.
      • Utilization of futuristic co-working spaces equipped with advanced AI technology for seamless productivity.
      • Significant discounts at luxury retail and gourmet dining venues, each incorporating cutting-edge service technologies.
      • Regular access to a high-tech spa offering AI-driven wellness treatments and therapies.
      • Exclusive invites to events hosted in AI-integrated environments, offering immersive experiences.
      • Priority reservations and digital concierge services via an AI-powered app for all facilities at The Promenade.
    • Annual Revenue: $48 million

  2. Executive Live-In Membership

    • Units Available: 300
    • Monthly Rent: $6,500
    • Innovative Inclusions:
      • All Core Membership perks plus residency in smart, luxury condos featuring AI home automation systems.
      • Access to an elevated concierge service powered by AI, ensuring personalized and efficient assistance.
      • Tailored health and wellness programs leveraging AI for bespoke fitness and dietary plans.
      • Admission to exclusive lounges and social areas with smart environment controls for personalized comfort.
    • Annual Revenue: $23.4 million

  3. Premium Live-In Membership

    • Units Available: 200
    • Monthly Rent: $8,500
    • Elite Offerings:
      • All Executive benefits plus accommodation in superior condos with advanced home automation and premium views.
      • Exclusive entry to premium lounge areas with AI-personalized settings for entertainment and relaxation.
      • Advanced health and wellness programs incorporating biometric and AI analytics for personalized care.
    • Annual Revenue: $20.4 million

  4. Ultra-Luxury Live-In Membership

    • Units Available: 100
    • Monthly Rent: $12,000
    • Pinnacle Benefits:
      • Inclusive of all Premium Membership advantages.
      • Penthouse residences with top-tier luxury, complete with AI-driven butler services and privacy settings.
      • Exclusive access to high-profile events, experiences, and private dining options, all enhanced with AI technology.
    • Annual Revenue: $14.4 million

Total Membership Revenue: $106.2 million

Non-Membership Revenue: Lifestyle as a Service Enhancements

  1. AI-Enhanced Hotel Operations:

    • Revenue: Utilizing advanced AI for personalized guest experiences, targeting an upscale clientele.
    • Annual Revenue: Estimated $60 million

  2. State-of-the-Art Conference and Event Spaces:

    • Revenue: Hosting tech-driven conferences and events, leveraging AI for unparalleled experiences.
    • Annual Revenue: Estimated $10 million

  3. Premier AI-Integrated Wedding Venue:

    • Revenue: Offering bespoke, technology-enhanced wedding experiences.
    • Annual Revenue: Estimated $15 million

  4. High-Tech Spa and Wellness Services:

    • Revenue: AI-driven therapies and treatments, setting a new standard in wellness.
    • Annual Revenue: Estimated $10 million

  5. Fine Dining and Culinary Experiences:

    • Revenue: Exclusive restaurants offering AI-assisted dining experiences.
    • Annual Revenue: Estimated $25 million

  6. AI-Optimized Retail and Shopping:

    • Revenue: A blend of high-end retail with an AI-enhanced shopping experience.
    • Annual Revenue: Estimated $60 million

  7. Innovative Childcare Services:

    • Revenue: State-of-the-art childcare facilities with AI safety and educational tools.
    • Annual Revenue: Estimated $8 million

Total Non-Membership Revenue:

  • Combined Annual Revenue: $278 million

Combined Total Revenue Projection

  • Overall Annual Revenue: $384.2 million

The Promenade's 'Lifestyle as a Service' model, integrating cutting-edge AI across all facets of its operations, from luxury living to high-tech hospitality and retail, opens new revenue streams and enhances the quality of service. This comprehensive approach results in a combined annual revenue of $384.2 million, underscoring the project's financial viability and innovative edge in the luxury market. The Promenade is poised to be a trailblazer in the industry, offering an unmatched, tech-enhanced lifestyle experienc