The Dragon Foundation: A Bright Capital & Southlake Carroll ISD Future

A Bright Capital & Southlake Carroll ISD Future

Solidifying the deep partnership between Bright Cap and the Carroll ISD, Bright Cap and the CISD have developed The Dragon Foundation.  The Dragon Foundation is envisioned as a strategic and transformative entity for Carroll Independent School District (Carroll ISD) to allocate proceeds received from Bright Capital & Carroll ISD land parcel transactions, displaying a solid partnership designed for future transactions between Bright Capital and the CISD. 

The Dragon Foundation is dedicated to managing an endowment fund aimed at significantly advancing the district's educational initiatives. 

Purpose and Vision

Objective: To manage an endowment fund that specifically supports Carroll ISD’s educational programs, aligning financial resources with the district's educational goals. This creates a sustainable ecosystem that not only supports current educational needs but also future aspirations.

Structure and Governance

  • Operational Independence: Establishing the Foundation as a legally and operationally independent entity from Carroll ISD to ensure unbiased and focused management of the endowment fund.

  • Board of Directors: A diverse board consisting of community leaders, educators, and financial experts will oversee the Foundation, ensuring decisions align with Carroll ISD’s interests and the community's educational needs.

  • Governing Documents: Detailed Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and an Investment Policy Statement will provide clear guidelines for operations, decision-making processes, and investment strategies.

Financial Strategy

  • Innovative Returns and Land Transactions: Implementing a financial structure with incremental return rates based on Carroll ISD's investment, and utilizing proceeds from specific land transactions, to ensure a steady growth of the fund.

  • Revenue Strategy: Developing a multifaceted alternative allocation approach through a large institution Endowment & Foundation financial services.  

Investment Management and Risk
  • Expert Management: Hiring experienced investment professionals to create a balanced investment portfolio, encompassing a mix of assets to mitigate risks and maximize returns.

  • Risk Mitigation: Establishing a rigorous risk management framework to continuously monitor and adjust the investment strategy, ensuring the fund's stability and growth.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Inclusive Engagement Plan: Facilitating regular and transparent communication with Carroll ISD, educators, parents, students, and the broader community to build strong relationships and ensure the Foundation’s initiatives reflect the community's educational priorities.

Educational Impact Measurement

  • Impact Evaluation Framework: Developing a set of measurable impact metrics to regularly assess and demonstrate the Foundation's contribution to educational outcomes in Carroll ISD.

Legal Structure and Compliance

  • Compliance and Reporting: Ensuring strict adherence to legal and ethical standards, with regular audits, transparent reporting, and open communication to maintain the highest level of integrity and accountability.

Alignment with Carroll ISD’s Goals

  • Strategic Collaboration: Engaging in ongoing strategic discussions with Carroll ISD leadership to ensure that the Foundation’s initiatives are perfectly aligned with the district’s long-term educational strategy and immediate needs.

Long-Term Sustainability

  • Financial Resilience: Building a solid financial base with an endowment and reserve funds, coupled with regular strategic reviews to adapt to changing economic and educational landscapes, ensuring the Foundation’s sustainability and long-lasting impact.


With its comprehensive approach, the Dragon Foundation is positioned to be a fundamental contributor to Carroll ISD’s pursuit of educational excellence. This proposal is designed to address all potential concerns of the ISD board members, offering a clear, risk-mitigated path forward, and ensuring that the Foundation not only meets but exceeds the district's educational aspirations.